UK & International Tracing Service

First Collect International helps you locate your debtors that have moved with our tracing service.


Finding your debtors that have moved location can be a very difficult and time consuming process – particularly if the debtor in question has moved country. But with our tracing service, you’ll be able to cut time and costs in order to find the debtor with ease and continue with your day to day business.


UK and International Tracing

Our tracing service has been designed in three parts, each specifically designed to help you in tracing ‘gone-away’ debtors. The choices offered by our debtor tracing service are:


UK Tracing


We’ll locate your debtor’s new address even if they have moved abroad. We will also confirm if they are still residing at the original address but have just marked the poast “Gone Away”


Personal Visits & Reports


Once your debtor has been located, our agents will prepare a full debtor report, in order to establish the financial outlook of your customer. This can be useful when making a decision to take legal action against a debtor, as assets will try to be identified prior to incurring court fees, which could assist in execution of any court orders that we obtain on your behalf.


International Tracing


A similar service to that available in the UK but administered by our partners in over 100 overseas countries.