How Tracing Service of Debt Collection Companies Help?

Tracing service of a debt collection company can be used to locate an absconder. A reputable company will be able to assist whether it is an ex-tenant or a sole trader. Generally you will need to inform the company the last known home address or business address in order to proceed.

Debt collectors have specialist investigators who will trade down the debtors. Work within the realms of the Data Protection Act, they would use a process involving search of intensive database along with visiting the last known address. If needed, they would speak to current occupiers and neighbours, and do various telephone enquiries.

In some cases, a result may be achieved very quickly, while in few, it may take up to 5-7 weeks. This technique is helpful in resolving 90% of the cases. Moreover, there are cases where a director or other office-bearers of a company need to be traced. Expert searchers will be able to do that.

Experts have the means to find the wherewithal of the characters who have been elusive for months. An electronics company in Surrey approached a debt collector through their business connections, requesting them to help locate a retailer who was now untraceable. They managed to trace him in a new locality. The meeting eventually resulted in a payment plan of the dues.

Along with tracing absconded debtors, the collectors may also provide outsourced credit control services such as credit reports, status reports and letters before action. To support our debt collection services we also have enquiry agents for tracing absconded debtors.

International debt collectors in the UK have the network to take the search beyond the borders of the UK. Working closely with the debt collectors in other countries, they can zero in on the debtors who thought no one will be able to trace them.

Top agencies act for a wide array of clients, including SMEs, MNCs and banks. They would generally work on No Win – No Fee pricing structure meaning they would represent the best value for money solution for the clients.