Tips to Consider Before Calling A Borrower About Debt

When you are a collection agent, you know your job isn’t easy when you have to make many difficult phone calls. When talking about money to the person on the other end, things get emotional and pressure rises. You have to prepare for the worst every time because the borrower must pay back their money and you have to call them when you know things could be very uncomfortable for them.

In order to make these phone calls more easier, here are some tips for you to consider the next time you need to call a borrower who is late on their payments, courtesy of your global debt recovery agency:

Prepare Yourself

Be sure all the necessary notes and files are with you as you make your call. If necessary, also be sure to get extra details with the right personnel about the debt beforehand. It is also important to have a notebook for you to write notes as you talk with your borrower. This will be useful if you ever need to call him or her another time.

Stay on Top of The Call

When making a hard phone call, you need to have nothing to distract you. Don’t call shortly before lunch, as you are browsing the internet, or while you are working on another problem as a means of multitasking. If you lose focus when you are talking to your borrower, things could get worse. You will have to stay focused on the call so that you hear and understand every word you say and hear.

Listen to Your Borrower Carefully

Listening is a thing that is very easy to do but very difficult to master. You may have something on your mind the moment that a caller mentions something, but it is never a good idea to interrupt them as they are in the middle of talking to you. They are trying to explain a problem on their end, so rather than jump in an interrupt them at an opportune time, write all of their important details down in your notes so you can ask them additional questions if you need to later on in your conversation. Listening to their entire story will give you a better understanding of their situation, as well as help reassure the borrower for getting to talk to you about their problem with their finances.

Show Politeness

As if you were talking with somebody in person, it would help to take a deep breath and smile before you are connected with your borrower on the phone. When smiling as you talk to the person on the other end, they will notice the difference in your voice, tone, and attitude for the better. Calling someone to inquire about a debt that a person owes doesn’t feel very respectful, but you should make it feel as comforting and respectful as possible, otherwise you shouldn’t be the person making the call to begin with.

Open Up to Rescheduling Your Call

It’s not a bad idea to politely ask the borrower if it is a good time to talk with them the moment you hear fear or anger in their voice, or if they ramble on with very little important details about their debt. You can reschedule your call with them so they have a more level head and are more prepared to explain like you would be more prepared to listen.