Debt collection in the Netherlands is one of the most common practices these days. As technology advances, so does the people’s capacity to settle their outstanding bills and unpaid balances. The government encourages this practice as it is an important aspect of debt relief for the Netherlands. Thus, the Netherlands is one of the countries practicing strict laws when it comes to debt collection.

Debt Collection Netherlands is the process of following due payment owed from clients or companies to third-party organizations. However, in the Netherlands, this isn’t a procedure that can only take place using an attorney or an agency to help the debtor go through the legal collection phase when the case calls for this phase. Instead, debt collection in the Netherlands can also take place using the extrajudicial method.

What is Extrajudicial Method?

In the extrajudicial method, there is nothing extra about the debt collection process. This means that instead of taking the case to court, the creditor sends several demands to the debtor. The creditor will then follow all the necessary procedures legally.

When the case is filed in court, there are several demands the creditor has to comply with. First of all, the debtor must provide all the necessary documents as proof that they indeed owe the debt. Then, the plaintiff must file a lawsuit in the Magistrates’ Court and seek the judge’s appointment for the court proceedings. The next step is for the debtor to respond to the creditor’s demand by making several legal proceedings such as serving a complaint, answer.

When this process is completed, the plaintiff can either continue the lawsuit in the courts or request for a temporary restraining order from the court. This is known as the preliminary injunction. Another legal proceeding that follows immediately after filing the complaint is for the plaintiff and the debtor to jointly submit their financial statements. It is at this point where both parties are required to testify under oath. The next thing is that the courts will decide whether to grant the plaintiff’s request for the preliminary injunction or deny it.

At this point, it becomes necessary to appoint a lawyer to defend the case from the creditors’ side. This is because the legal proceedings could consume a lot of time in which case the creditors may opt to file counter claims against the debtor. In cases such as these, the debt collection Netherlands professionals will be called upon to defend the case. For them to do so, they will need expert assistance from a lawyer.

Debt Collection Network

Debt Collection Network Holland takes advantage of its vast experience in dealing with both the debtor and the creditor. This is the reason why they are considered the best in the field. Apart from these professional debt collection officers, other service providers will help the debtor and the creditor. These services come under the “Netrue” group of companies. There are many more names under the Netrue company name, and one can research and identify which service provider will best suit their needs. Debt Collection Network Holland is known for being highly professional in its dealings with both the debtor and the creditor.

Final Take!

Due to the several demands that have been filed against the organization, Debt Collection Network has become very popular in the past few years. For instance, they have successfully granting interim relief to many consumers who were facing huge liabilities. Some of the companies also offered full payment or in full settlement of the debts. Such services were mostly non-existent in the past. One can easily locate a reliable and dependable debt collection company that is ready to do everything possible to get rid of the consumer’s unsecured liability issues.