When a person becomes overwhelmed in debt then life becomes miserable. Once you become entangled in debt, it is a daunting task to become free.


With that being said, it doesn’t make it any easier for an individual when debt collectors harass them. But be informed that whether you actually owe the money to the creditor or not, a debt collector is not permitted to threaten you or lie to you under any given circumstance.



This means that they cannot tell you that a lawsuit will be filed against you when the creditor has not relayed that information to them, nor can they contact your friends or any of your family members regarding your debt.


No matter where in the world a consumer may live, debt collection in the Netherlands is the same as it is anywhere else around the globe. However, it is beneficial for consumers to know that in some places when they write a letter to a debt collection agency then the debt collector is no longer permitted to call them when the consumer has requested them to stop.


Debt collectors are also not permitted to fail to disclose to you that they are a debt collector or claim that they work for a credit bureau when they make phone contact with you. If they are in violation of any of the rules they can be sued and the collector will be responsible for all of the legal fees that will be associated with the lawsuit.


However, on another note, it is common knowledge that business owners realize at some point of time that there will be a need for debt collection services. This will take place by either hiring a debt collection agency or having an internal department make collection calls during the workday.


When customers stop paying, or an individual is consistently late in their payments, then it is time to start making collection calls. It is best practice to begin calling those individuals immediately because the longer you wait the less your chances become of being able to successfully collect the debt. It is important that the persons who are collecting the debt are firm but courteous in their attempt to collect the unpaid monies from the individual. This type of effort is more likely to yield positive results than a collector who is angry or rude and abusive because they are emotionally charged.


It is a known fact that consumers are more than willing to work with a collection agent when he or she is levelheaded and fair.


It is important for the debt collector to keep in mind that their number one goal is to be able to successfully collect the debt from the consumer with as little conflict as possible and if possible, try and collect the balance in the full amount. Meaning it would be unwise for you as the collector to go into the process with a settlement in the forefront of your mind or make demands for the full amount from the customer.


It is also best practice to make physical communication with the individual, simply because the generic form letters and faxes are so very easily discarded and ignored.


Debt collectors should not attempt to try and force debtors into any type of monthly payment plan that they cannot fulfill. This is one reason why their account is in collections in the first place because they couldn’t meet their monthly obligation.


As the consumer, it is imperative for you to realize that it is your duty and obligation to pay all of your honest debts so that you can begin working your way back to living debt free.


Therefore, if you know that debt collectors are calling you consistently, then now is the time for you to respond to them and begin making payments on your unpaid balances to your creditors, who in good faith, allowed you to purchase their merchandise.