Frustrated Goods – Let us help you

Frustrated Goods – Let us help you

Trading internationally or domestically will at some point leave you with a customer who cannot pay or cannot take delivery of the goods which are in transit.

Even if you have a banking instrument in place, should this not have been completed correctly or you have agreed to any amendments you could be left with a customer who does not want your goods and your goods left at a port incurring daily demurrage charges with no buyer.

Over the years FCI and our Management have acted in many cases of Government Resale concerning Political Risk Insurance Projects & Private Export Defaults.  As a leading Global Debt Collection Agency we have over 6000 clients in every business arena possible, in every global trading area imaginable.

First Collect International being one of the leading global debt collection agencies, will use its vast contacts to find a local buyer for your goods, whatever they may be, however tailored they may be for a particular importer or market.


  • We will deal with all customs issues and shipping agents.
  • We will resolve problems of demurrage charges and where possible negotiate a substantial discount.
  • We will find a local buyer for the goods, eliminating further costs and expense of re shipping the goods to another port.
  • Where possible we will also make a claim locally against the default buyer for losses and damage incurred to the supplier.

It is important that as an exporter you act very quickly as demurrage charges etc., can escalate at a frightening pace. As soon as you are aware of a buyer not being able to take delivery of the goods, please contact us at once.

Some examples of asset disposal projects dealt with by our staff over the years;

Resale of a Mountain Range of Goats

  • Abattoir’s in the Middle East
  • Plastics Processing Plants
  • Hovercraft
  • Train Engines
  • Military Bagpipes
  • Military Hats
  • Car Fleets
  • Graveyards in South America
  • Luxury Flats



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