Debt Collection – Understanding the Reason for Non-payment

Before you begin working on a past-due collection account of a customer, understanding the reason for non-payment is important. This will help you determine the most effective action, increasing the odds of successful collection.

All customers you deal with can be divided into four types –

Willing and Able – Getting the dues from these customers will be the least troublesome as they have the resources to pay the outstanding invoices along with the will. They may be in debt because of some error such as not receiving the invoice mail. Most often, you just need to contact them and they will pay.

Unwilling but Able – These are the customers, who have the resources to pay, but are unwilling to cough up the money. The reason may be some dispute regarding the balance owed or dissatisfaction with the product or service. If that is the case, you can work on finding an acceptable solution to the dispute, which can lead to payment. In some cases, the customer may feel that the creditor lacks the means to catch up with them. If they are convinced about the means at your disposal to eke out the debt, they will repay.

Willing but Unable – This is the category of customers who have no intention to sit on the debt, yet they cannot settle the debt for financial reasons. They would acknowledge the bill but would convey their inability to pay the whole balance. You may work with them to come to an agreement on a payment plan.  Working out a payment plan is usually the most helpful option for this customer.

Unwilling and Unable – Such customers are usually the most difficult to work with. They may simply not respond to any attempt to contact them. Even when they do, they may simply refuse to pay, or just say that they are unable to do so. Getting them to pay the outstanding amount will require some persistent efforts on your part. If necessary, you may also have to initiate legal action.

A professional debt recovery company in the UK may help in the collection of debt. Leveraging expertise in the field that a business usually lacks, they can collect debt from bad accounts.