Debt Collection Uganda

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We provide universal debt collection and recovery services for all companies, whether small or big, in Uganda. Debt collection in Uganda is carried out as per the summary procedure, available under Order 36 Rule 2 of the Civil Procedure Rules. As per these rules, a creditor whose claim has been liquidated can initiate a special endorsed plaint which FCI can arrange.


Available in all parts of the country

As a third party collection service, we can provide debt recovery in Uganda services through a large network of lawyers and collectors across the country. As soon as a company starts its file with us, we can initiate the debt collection process. It is our duty to constantly update you about the progress.


Reaching debtors

Most of the debtors we have seen default as they are under the assumption that creditors will not be able to reach them. As a collection service, we are here to dispel this myth. With our wide network and extensive research skills, we will be able to able to dig out your debtors from anywhere in Uganda and elsewhere in the world.


Time taken to collect debt

Debt recovery in Uganda usually takes a minimum time of 24 hours. As soon as the majority of funds are collected, the creditor’s account is taken forward to complete legal action.


Debt collection activities have to be undertaken when loan payments are defaulted upon. This further leads to worsened credit scores and will prevent the defaulter from getting a loan in the future. It also weakens credit card approval chances in the future.


We can help you

Credit is always inevitable in any business, but they must be minimized to control risks in the future. This can be done through best debt collection in Uganda and credit management practices. Once the entire recovery process is complete, we can certainly give you advice on manage credit better in the future. Remember that an increase in cash flow will always help the business reach greater heights.


We do not ruin relationships

It might seem as though we ruin relationships with your debtors before recovering debt, but that is not true. We adopt a combination of a people-based approach and various tech-based solutions for excellent contact management. We also value the relationships with our suppliers, attorneys, and vendors as we are firm believers of the long term approach.