Debt Collection Rwanda

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Our company provides collection and recovery services for firms around the world, irrespective of their size. Debt collection in Rwanda is done strictly as per the Civil Procedure Rules in your State. Based on the situation, we will be in position to initiate a special endorsed plaint by a creditor. Our main task is to swiftly tackle all the complexities due to which most creditors give up their pursuits of debtors.


Getting to the debtors

Over our 20 years of experience, we have noticed that debtors who believe that creditors cannot locate them overseas are the ones who get trapped the most. FCI deploys all the tricks in the book, and more, to get to its targets. Our extensive research skills and wide network allows us to get debt recovery in Rwanda done even in the most complex situations. Once you have given us the task of recovery to us, you can relax with the assurance that the work will be done as per your satisfaction.


How much time do we take?

FCI’s debt recovery in Rwanda services will take a minimum of at least 24 hours to bear fruit. Once the maximum amount of funds is collected, we shall take the creditor’s account forward for completing legal action.


Situations of debt collection in Rwanda arise when individuals or companies default on loan payments. It must be understood that this illegal activity results in bad credit scores and the probability of not being able to get a credit card or a loan in the future.


We work in tandem

FCI is a third party collection service and works in close coordination with collectors and lawyers in the country for debt recovery in Rwanda services. The work will be started as soon as your file is opened with us. We will make sure we keep you posted about the progress of your case.


Advice for the future

No business can really function without credit, and so it is more or less inevitable. However, to prevent your business from going bankrupt in the future, risks due to payment defaults have to be minimized. Our debt collection and credit management representatives can advice you for better control in the future. Doing so will increase cash flow in the business, thereby helping it attain new heights.


We improve relationships

Your relationships with debtors will not be finished, but will improve through our tech based solutions and a people-oriented approach.