Debt collection process in Netherlands

Debt collection processDebt recovery in the Netherlands is not an easy task if your company is in a different country. Getting money that is owed is difficult because many debtors move around frequently, they may even cross national borders to avoid being found. That is when companies who are owed money should call the experts. Debt collections professionals know how to operate in many different countries. They make it their business to know the laws and work within them to recover debt. Experts have designed ways to ensure that money is paid back so why not hire them to get the job done?

Many consumers will default on their loans, they will get behind on payments, or they will just neglect the debt altogether. This habit could be detrimental to a lender. Debt recovery is an important job that requires time and attention. There are many steps involved in just making contact with debtors. This is a time-consuming effort that can take up an employee’s entire day. That is why companies should not allow their employees to take on this task. Hire the best debt recovery experts in the Netherlands to get the job done.

Debt recovery experts will do all the work that it takes to see debts paid back to the lender. They will make phone calls to the debtor, their family members and even their neighbors if they have to. Debt collectors send out hundreds of letters and emails in an effort to get the debtor to respond. Once the debtor responds, negotiations can begin. A debt recovery expert will get the debtor to commit to making monthly payments, or paying in full. This process could take weeks, months, or even years before a resolution is seen.

It Is not uncommon for consumers to default on their loans. These loans need to be paid back no matter what. That is why a lender would be making a wise choice in allowing debt recovery in the Netherlands to take over the process. If a debtor is to be found, collections experts are going to find them. Any company that is owed money should partner with debt recovery professionals so that they will see their money paid back.

When you hand over your claim, the debt recovery in Netherlands process normally starts with a summons. This summons offers the debtor a last chance to pay back his debt with interest and costs. A summons is also called a notification of default. The law firm AMS calculates the exact statutory interest owed or the statutory commercial interest, and the extrajudicial collection costs owed, which totally depends on the agreements between you and your customer,. Then again if the debtor fails to pay his debt, there are several other possibilities.

The costs of the debt collection shall be to the add on to the collection attorney when the claim, which includes collection costs and interest, has been paid after summons. If a ruling is issued, which include granting collection costs, these shall be to the debtors benefit and he will receive an invoice from the law firm for the time spent on the case. Also, the debt collection attorneys offer competitive prices for your collection proceedings. This depends on the type of case and the number of debt collections, several price agreements can be made. The starting point is always to keep the costs as low as possible and to recover as many costs as we possibly can from the debtor.