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How to Start a Debt Collection Business in Italy‍

In today’s economy, businesses must find new ways to increase revenue. One of the most profitable industries to enter is debt collection. In this article, you will learn about starting a debt collection agency in Italy and how to get started. If you have previous experience in the financial sector or are familiar with accounting […]

Hiring a Debt Collection Agency

What to Keep in mind When Hiring a Debt Collection Agency?

  When a customer fails to pay their bill, it can cost your business more than just the amount of money you’re owed. Unpaid invoices also harm your company’s cash flow and can impact your credit as a business or even hurt your credit as an owner. Therefore, when you cannot get payments from clients, […]

The Difference between Debt Collection and Recovery

  You’ve heard of give and take, but when it comes to financial terms like debt collection and recovery, you scratch your head.   Have you given money to someone and they are unable to return it? No matter what their reasons are, you are not answerable to them if you want it back. These […]

Difference between Debt Collection and Recovery

Dept Collection in Netherlands

Everything You Need to Know About Dept Collection in Netherlands

  Debt collection in the Netherlands is done extra judicially. This process is often the first step in the debt recovery process. The process usually begins with several letters demanding payment. Once the debtor does not pay, the collection agency can transfer the debt to a specialized agency that has the legal authority to file […]

What You Need to Know About Debt Collection in Italy

  When you owe money to someone, the creditor has certain rights to demand for the payment and obtain it. This includes having legal recourse to take your assets and, in many instances, the right to force you to repay what is owed. That’s where debt collection comes into play. What happens if you don’t […]

Debt Collection in Italy

Debt Collection Agency

What is a Debt Collection Agency?

  Have you ever lent someone money and then had to wait forever to be paid back? Sometimes, we lend some money to our friend, and then that friend forgets or intentionally delays paying us back. Sometimes, some people don’t even pay you back, and you have to forget your money. This is something that […]

Simplify Your Debt Recovery Process

5 Ways to Simplify Your Debt Recovery Process

If you’re suffering from a high level of debt and need help recovering it, here are 4 ways to simplify your debt recovery process. First, avoid trying to do the entire process on your own. You’ll be more effective if you hire a professional collection agency that has experience in collecting debt. You’ll also benefit […]

3 Benefits of Debt Collection Agency

Many people are hesitant to hire a debt collector because they fear the repercussions of doing so. What most don’t know is that hiring an agency can actually help you better manage your finances and get back on track. Debt collectors work with clients to identify what needs to be done in order for them […]