5 Things Companies Should Know If They Are Planning to Collect Debt

Summary: Here are five things companies should know about debt collection in Spain. 

Debt collection is not an easy task, as many presume it to be. There are so many facets to it like understanding the legal complications, knowing the strategies that will work well for the customers, and so forth. Without knowing these aspects, if companies try to collect a debt, it is going to be a disaster. 

So many firms are into debt collection in Spain. But, unfortunately, not all of them follow the rules. If a firm does not abide by the rules, it might cause a lot of problems to the principal company. It is the key reason why one should research a lot to learn about a company before using their services. 

Here are some rules that you might not be aware of when it comes to debt collection. Hence, when you are using a debt collection agency or hiring an in-house team, you should be very careful. 

The Calling Hours: People are very particular when it comes to the time you call them. You need to ensure that you partner with a debt collection agency that understands this concept well— calling a customer anywhere between 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. is not at all acceptable. 

People like to relax with their spouse, kids or family after 9 p.m. Never find an agency who call customers in the odd hours. If you are a professional company, this is something that you need to keep in mind. 

Being Polite to the Customers: Debt collectors cannot call customers that are delinquent and scold or abuse them. It is not something that the customers will not tolerate nor does the law. 

Professional debt collection agencies know how to help their agents speak professionally. They will give them the necessary training so that they behave well when they are talking to a client. 

Most of the customers do not pay the money because they are in some problem. Understanding and providing them with the best option is the only way to recover the debt amount. 

Lying to the Customer: Debt collectors use various means to collect the debt from their customers. Lying to them is not an option that they need to choose. 

Agents that try to scare the clients by creating unnecessary consequences will have to face dire consequences along with the company that has employed them. The principal company also faces unnecessary implications as a result of the agent’s carelessness. 

Calling at the Workplace: A lot of companies indeed collect this information from their customers their work information. But, that does not warrant them to call the customers at their workplace. 

Some employers do not allow such kind of calls at the workplace. Now, in some countries, this might be acceptable, but in Spain, it is not. A good agency that does debt collection in Spain knows this thing. 

Keeping it Confidential: Businesses or debt collection agencies should not share the debt information with anyone other than the spouse and attorney of the person who has become delinquent.