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International Debt Collection – Poland. Are your invoices too old to claim?

Debt Collection Poland

Population (millions) – 38

GDP (PPP) – 813,988 Billion

Currency – ZLOTY

Any company dealing with International Debt Collection should know and understand limitation periods for all countries they deal with.  These determine if the debtor will actually pay your invoices and has a legal obligation to do so.   First Collect International are Global Debt Collection specialists and our short informative country guides will let you gain some insight into some very important factors that could be the difference between getting paid or writing off your debt.

Poland – Limitation Periods

The limitation periods depend on the type of claim being pursued and are:


•             2 years for commercial sale related claims

•             3 years for other commercial claims,

•             3 years for temporary benefits related claims,

•             10 years for other claims.


These periods are subject to specific circumstances and we suggest that you take advice on this issue. The limitation period runs from the time that the claim becomes due. Statutory limitation periods cannot be modified by agreement.

Commencing a Claim

Debt Collection & Legal System Explained

An Overview of Commercial Litigation in Poland

The Polish legal system is based on civil, rather than common, law and uses a codified system of laws. As Poland joined the European Union on 1 May 2004, there is almost the full harmonisation of Polish laws with EU standards.

The fundamental legitimacy of the court system is enshrined in the Constitution which provides for the judiciary as a separate power. Judges are independent and subject only to the Constitution and statutes. They must not belong to a political party, a trade union, or perform public activities which may compromise the principles of independence of the courts and judges.

The National Council of the Judiciary safeguards the independence of courts and judges.

It is our view that the legal risk in Poland is low although there are some aspects of the court system that may be unfamiliar to common law lawyers, and the time frame for a successful conclusion of a claim may be different than in other countries.

The Court System

The court system comprises the Supreme Court, the common courts, the administrative courts, and the military courts. The common courts deals with criminal, employment, insolvency, and civil matters, and include the district courts and regional courts, as well as the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

In general, the district court acts as the court of first instance, and the circuit courts as a court of second instance, as well as hearing cases of a certain value (details below). The courts are divided into different divisions to deal with specific areas, for example, employment, commercial etc………..

Our Global Debt Collection team have local collectors in Poland who deal with the whole process of Pre Judicial Collections and litigation should the need arise.


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Choose the Smoothest Operator When Selecting a Global Debt Recovery Company

With liquidation and insolvency on the rise an increasing number of companies and financial institutions are in the red. Burdened with mounting bad debts and a lack of time to chase them companies are now turning to good DCAs also called Debt Collection Agencies.

Though there are many of them advertising and alluring clients facing stressful times, only a handful of them live up to the high expectations. Debt collection especially from defaulters who have relocated to international destinations is a herculean task. People who often fall prey to substandard agencies repent later because the association has done them more harm than good. Forget recovering the debt, they have lost most money in the process. Hence it is very important to choose a good DCA also known as Debt Collection Agency or Company that can handle all your debt related issues professionally.

There are crucial factors to keep in mind when hiring debt collectors who will deliver:

Impeccable Track Records Prove a Point:
Most reputed debt recovery agencies have elaborate websites that carry the track record of the company, the years spent in business and past achievements. You must go through them before taking any decision. If you are wary, there are multiple sources available on the internet where you can check the creditability of the company. Check if they are members of reputable organizations like the IACC. If they are then they are used and trusted by many major corporations,credit insurance corporations and governments worldwide.

Do not Pay File Opening Charges or Upfront Fee
If the debt recovery agency is charging you for file opening or asking you to pay an upfront fee, back out immediately. According to EU legislation such agencies cannot ask for unfeasible recovery costs from the debtor.

Go With One Offering Real Time Reporting
Leading global debt recovery companies offer result oriented services at the most affordable rates. Their prime intention is to collect your existing debts with swiftness, diplomacy, and professionalism. Accurate client-reporting is another important factor that they adhere to.