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When your name has been turned over to a debt collection agency it is because there is a creditor that is making an attempt to recover any consumer credit or loan payments where you have defaulted on the payment plan.

If you have missed several payments consecutively, you as the consumer generally have 30 days from the bill due date the make the payment before it is reported to a credit bureau and approximately 90 days delinquency before being submitted to a collection agency for recovery.


What to do When Customers Don’t Pay


If you have a business, then you understand the cornerstone of any successful endeavor is to make a profit. In order to make a living, you need to make money. This concept is much simpler than it actually ends up being for many business owners. Year after year, entrepreneurs are faced with the question of what to do when somebody doesn’t pay. You may have provided goods and services in full to the satisfaction of your customer. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your customer paid for all of it.