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When consumers fall under tough times, they become crippled with mounds of debt that has accumulated over the years. Eventually, when that debt becomes burdensome, their monthly obligations to creditors quickly fall into a past-due status. Ironically speaking, most consumers want to be honest and be able to adequately pay their creditors. As we are […]



5 Things Any Debt Collector does not want you to Know

The number of people interacting with debt collectors in Spain has drastically increased. According to recent research, the number of people dealing with debt collectors has increased from 14% to 27% in the last five years. With the harsh economic times, you are definitely struggling with bills you cannot pay and maybe the debt collectors […]

5 Awesome Ways You Can Use to Outsmart Your Debt Collectors

According to the most recent news, majority of Spaniards are still struggling with their personal economies. According to studies released by Urban Institute, 35% of Spaniards do have a debt which has already been reported to the collection agencies. However, the collection methods have not changed despite the overall credit card debt decreasing in recent […]

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5 Things a Debt Collection Agency Is Not Allowed To Do

The number of debt collection agencies is quickly increasing. However, despite the increase, 35% of the agencies are said to do things which they are not allowed to do. This is according to recent research performed by Forbes International. The Federal Trade Commission is said to receive more complaints concerning debt collectors than any other […]

5 Amazing Ways to Help Wipe out Your Debt

Are you always in debt and wondering on how you can wipe them out? You are never alone! According to recent research conducted by the UBS, out of the 3.6 trillion which is currently owed by the US consumers, $1.1 trillion is owed by the millennial ages of 21 to 43. You will definitely fall […]

Wipe out Your Debt

How To Save Money While Paying Off Student Loans

If you graduated college or another education, you likely needed student loans to help you, which means you are responsible for paying the loan back eventually. You would like to pay off a student loan, but when you also want to put money into your savings account to spend towards independent living or other necessities, […]


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Use International Collection Agency for Runaway Debtors

There are a variety of reasons why individuals do not pay companies what they owe but the bottom line is that the business rendered a service or shipped a product and now the customer is responsible for paying the involved cost. In Europe it is common for individuals to avoid paying these debts by simply […]