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Asset Disposal

Trading Internationally or Domestically will at some point leave you with a customer who cannot pay or cannot take delivery of the goods in transit. [...]

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Dispute Resolution - UK & Overseas

Some matters are beyond simple Debt Collection and the disputes raised against claims made, along with counterclaims and damages really mean a special [...]

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Legal Fee Insurance

All companies, and the divisions within them, have to work to a structured budget. Accounts and collections departments are no different.   [...]

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Sovereign Debt & Unpaid Banking Instruments

One of the services we offer is the recovery of Sovereign Debt. The first claim against a Government for a substantial value was in 1995 and was for [...]

T&C Reviews
T&C Review Service

Your Terms & Conditions are one of the most important aspects of any transaction, so getting them right from the beginning is crucial and applying [...]